Special Education Research Accelerator (SERA)

Aletheia’s Special Education Research Accelerator (SERA) platform employs crowdsourcing in large-scale collaborations among diverse research teams to improve the validity and impact of special education research.

Fostering Collaboration, Igniting Impact: SERA – Revolutionizing Special Education Research

Example SERA Project: Science Education Instruction for Elementary Students with Learning Disabilities

Funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), the objective of this study is to develop a fundamental understanding of science education for elementary students with learning disabilities. It aims to explore how different instructional approaches and supports impact their meaningful engagement and academic achievement. The findings obtained from this project will offer insights into the existing science activities and opportunities available to elementary students with learning disabilities. Additionally, the study will provide valuable guidance to both the science education and special education communities on effective strategies for structuring science education within typical elementary science classrooms for students with learning disabilities.