Our Initiatives

Empowering Special Education: Democratizing Research, Enhancing Services, and Empowering Educators

The Aletheia Society initiatives are dedicated to improving special education research and services for children with disabilities. Central to these efforts is our commitment to democratizing the research enterprise, ensuring that research is accessible to all. Additionally, we provide professional development programs to educators, equipping them with evidence-based practices derived from our research, enabling them to better support students with disabilities in their classrooms.

Research in Special Education (RiSE)

RiSE, our all-open-access journal, launches Spring 2024. No author fees, no paywalls – all articles freely accessible to everyone, thanks to the Society and University of Virginia Libraries’ support.

UnConferences & Working Groups

Our dynamic community engages in participant-led unconferences and workshops. Collaborate, learn, and foster innovation in special education research together.

Professional Development

Collaborating with our members, we will provide professional development to schools and teachers on evidence-based practices that promote educational excellence, ensuring impactful student growth and success.

Special Education Research Accelerator (SERA)

Collaborate with fellow members to conduct meaningful research in special education. SERA is our platform for conducting crowdsourced studies.